The South Maroubra Dolphins Winter Swimming Club welcomes new members of all ages. If you are interested in joining please come down and see us at Wylie's Pool on Sunday mornings from 8.30am. Alternatively, you can send us an email at for more information.
Life Members
Bill Brownrigg
John Ludlow
John Muirhead

PresidentCaptainSecretaryTreasurerDolphin of the Year
2014Don HenryGreg CampbellLachlan GlennDaniel Ford 
2013Don HenryDaniel FordLachlan GlennDaniel FordDaniel Ford
2012Don HenryDaniel FordGreg RowlandDaniel FordMax McGuiness
2011Don HenryDaniel FordGreg RowlandJohn LudlowGreg Rowland
2010Steve LevettDon HenryGreg RowlandJohn LudlowTiger Dunbar
2009Steve LevettDon HenryDoug YuideJohn Ludlow 
2008Steve LevettDon HenryDoug YuideJohn Ludlow 
2007Steve LevettDon HenryDoug YuideJohn Ludlow 
2006Steve LevettJohn WilsonRod SlyJohn Ludlow 
2005Steve LevettGarry BennettRod SlyJohn Ludlow 
2004Steve LevettGarry BennettRod SlyMax McGuiness 
2003Steve LevettGarry BennettRon LyonsMax McGuiness 
2002John LudlowSteve LevettRon LyonsMax McGuiness 
2001John LudlowR GibsonRon LyonsMax McGuiness 
2000John LudlowR GibsonRon LyonsMax McGuiness 
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